Great Lakes Youth & Treble Choirs present first concert on Oct. 29th!

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A new season begins Thursday, September 14!

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An exciting new season begins Thursday, September 14! Young singers ages 7-12 will meet at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Petoskey from 5:30pm-6:30pm. Youth Choir singers ages 13-19 will meet at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church at 1450 East Mitchell Street in Petoskey. Singers and their parents will meet from 6:30pm-7:30pm to discuss the season. LTYC director, Mr. Kevin Wells has asked that newsingers arrive at 6:00pm so he can touch base with them and hear them sing a bit. This is not an audition. It is a chance for Mr. Wells to hear how the singer will best fit into our group. Beginning on Thursday, September 21, the Youth Choir rehearsals will be held from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church. Parents will not need to stay for these rehearsals. Voices Without Borders is grateful to both Emmanuel Episcopal Church and Cross of Christ Lutheran Church for graciously providing rehearsal space for our Treble and Youth Choirs!

LTYC is now tuition-free! Join now!

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Did you know LTYC is now tuition-free and new singers are welcome at any time! The Little Traverse Youth Choir meets on Thursdays, from 6:30pm-8:00pm at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church at 1400 E. Mitchell St., Petoskey, for singers ages 13-20. The Little Traverse Treble Choir, ages 8-12, meets from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Emanuel Episcopal Church, 1020 E. Mitchell St., Petoskey. We invite you to come sing with us!

LTYC Annual Local Holiday Greenery Fundraiser

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Please consider supporting your Little Traverse Youth Choirs while beautifying your home and office for the holidays! Our greenery, locally made by Into the Woods is truly special and will last well beyond the holidays. Click here for a description of the products that are being offered.

Please contact your favorite LTYC member or send an e-mail to Kim ( if you are interested in ordering.
Thank you so much for your support!

A Northern Michigan Community "Sing-in" Commemorating World Singing Day!

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Celebrating the boundary-breaking joy of music with LTYC Director, Owen James!

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Do you love to sing and a
re between the ages of 8 and 19? No prior singing experience required; just a love of singing and an enjoyment of the friendship and sense of community music can build between individuals and across cultures. All singers are invited to attend this season's first open rehearsal on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in the First Presbyterian Church, 501 East Mitchell St, across the street from the Petoskey District Library. Click here for a link to copies of the required forms and LTYC Handbook are located. We invite you to join LTYC Director, Owen James, for a season of music and fun!


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Thanks for a great concert at Crooked Tree.  Everybody worked hard and followed directions beautifully.  You sounded great.  Each of you looked very professional.  Mrs. Kukuk especially wants to tell you how lovely/handsome you all looked.  There was nothing out of place.  She is happy you understand what a difference it makes when you make that extra effort.

Because there have been so many requests from our guests to go shopping, the hosts agreed to cancel the two group activities.  So you are on your own.  We would still like to have lunch with the directors, Hoai Thu Nguyen (Sandy), Thao Dieu Vu, and Chi Thu Tran.  If you can drop them off at Whitecaps Restaurant at noon, this would be fine.  If you would like us to pick them up, please call us in the morning and we will arrange a pickup time.

Please remember that the Vietnamese should pack their main suitcase and be ready for it to go on the airplane.

At the farewell dinner the suitcase will be placed on the bus and will remain there until unloaded at the airport the next morning.  Personal items needed for overnight at the church and clothing for trip for Washington DC the next day is to be in their carry-on bag.

We still need air mattresses and cots if anyone has one. 

See you at the dinner at 6:00 – 7:30 at Word of Life Church, 403 Madison St., Petoskey.  We will then go to the First Christian Church for the overnight stay.  In re reading the schedule, we find that we have left a one hour gap in the schedule between the two churches.  Since it is too late to contact the churches tonight, we will have to deal with this tomorrow.  We will call you when we have clarified this gap.

Wear your LTYC lime green T-shirts please.

Also, please forgive us for missing Tresa Zowada and misspelling Hannah Watton.

We are very sorry about this.


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Great day today (Sunday). Thanks to the Bell family for hosting our All-American picnic.  Thanks also to all of who brought food. 

Tomorrow’s schedule has not changed.  REMINDER, EVERYONE will wear your Blue Exchange T-shirt to the morning rehearsal (LTYC Khaki pants and half back hairstyle).

SOL ART – Wear Blue Exchange T-shirt in the morning and bring your costumes.  Everyone must be ready in costume and makeup by 12:15pm so you may need to eat your lunch after the performance in order to be ready.

See all of you ready to rehearse promptly at 9:00am.  This means that you must arrive a little before 9:00am.


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Saturday was a very long, but a very good day.  Thanks to all of you for getting everyone to the right place at the right time.  Thanks to Margaret and Nathan for taking care of the sound.  Thanks to all of the performers for a job well done.

Sunday’s schedule has no changes.  We will see all of you at the Bell’s home for the picnic at 3:00pm.


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We talked with Sandy, who is the leader of the Vietnamese group to tell her that our host families always have the most current information (schedule).  Therefore we ask you, as hosts to direct your guests in what to wear, what time they must be ready and to be certain they have everything they need when they leave your house.  They should not disagree with your directions. If they do, have them call Sandy for clarification at 231 633 9750 or email her at 


Tomorrow everyone, including the Vietnamese participants should wear their exchange blue T-shirt.  LTYC, please wear khaki pants, half back hairstyle, tennis or walking shoes (no Flip Flops). We recommend the Vietnamese wear solid walking shoes as they have to walk up to the Fort.) 


The Vietnamese must have all costumes for their performance.  They will carry the costumes they wore today to the fort with them since they will be performing the same pieces they did at Perry Farms Village.  The other costumes may be left in the car/van while they are on the island. They will also need to take all of their instruments to Mackinaw City.  They will only take those instruments they used today with them to the island.  The others will be stored in Mackinaw City until they need them in the evening.


We plan to take the 9:30am ferry to the island.  In the event we cannot all get on that ferry, the first group will wait for the arrival of the second group.  We must be at the fort no later than 11:30am.  This gives the Vietnamese time to apply makeup and change into their pink, green and yellow costumes (the same costumes they wore at Perry Farms Village.) We cannot be late for the 12:30performance.  


Hosts:  If there are any problems communicating this to your Vietnamese guests, please have them call Sandy to translate this.

Also, remember to please bring sunscreen and send a sack lunch and a snack.


We plan to take the 5:00pm ferry back to Mackinaw City.  Do not be late or you will miss your dinner before the concert.


Once they get back to the mainland, we will regroup and will have access to all of the instruments and costumes needed for the evening concert.


If the host family does not plan to attend the evening performance in Mackinaw City, please be there at Conkling Heritage Park to pick up your guests at 9:00pm


Thanks for your careful attention to these details.


Sara 602 618 2807 and Jack 480 236 2196

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