The Little Traverse Youth Choir was formed in February 2010 under the auspices of Voices Without Borders, Inc. The auditioned choir is com
    prised of 45 youth, ages 8-18, in two separate performing groups. The more advanced Touring Choir performs throughout the year in a variety of settings. The Treble Choir has three shorter performing seasons. Both choirs perform in the VWB Children of the World in Harmony International Choir and Dance Festival. The repertoire for LTYC ranges from classical to sacred to contemporary, with an emphasis on classical choral training. In June 2013, the Touring Choir went on a ten-day concert tour in French-speaking Canada! A 2014 tour is being planned in Ireland!

    During the summers of 2010-2012, the choir participated in Voices Without Borde
    rs' Children of the World in Harmony Festival, joining over 300 young singers and dancers from around the world. We look forward to hosting the 2014 Children of the World in Harmony Festival in July! The choir has toured northern Michigan and the Detroit area, performed with the Young Americans, the Harlem Globetrotters, the Messiah concerts presented by the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra & Chorus. In 2012, they were thrilled to perform in Carmina Burana in Bay View, where they joined 90 adult voices, the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra, and three professional soloists!

    Auditions for the Little Traverse Youth Choir Touring and Treble Choirs will take place in September, 2014. Children, ages 8-20, are invited to audition. Please contact Aleta Watton at awatton@littletraverseyouthchoir.org with questions.